Get off your cellphone, urges Swiss telecom Dawn


It’s not your typical telecom advert. This 30-second spot by WPP’s Thjnk Zürich tells us to search for from our cellphone and see what’s round us as a result of “Life is filled with surprises.”

On this case, the shock comes when Roger Federer and Swiss alpine snowboarding champion Marco Odermatt enter a raise. Their presence goes unnoticed by a woman scrolling cat movies. If solely she had seemed up, she may need obtained a few selfies with the sports activities legends.

The talent is all in Martin Werner’s mild contact course, contained in a 30-second time-frame. He’s used to working with male stars and his commercials reel consists of massive names like Leonardo di Caprio, George Clooney, Jose Mourinho and Pedro Pascal.

MAA artistic scale: 8


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